Monday, October 15, 2007

vanity ring

i haven't had the urge to write after my last scribbling, but this thing, the vanity ring, is amazing and i just have to share.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


friday morning 5am i met up with mathieu and talke to fly to lovely nice in france. no matter how tired we were, vacaciones! we really, really, needed a break and some vitamin d provided by real sun. after the 2 hour flight we were picked up by mathieu's dad who took us to the loveliest house ever. i love that place. they live in my favourite landscape, up in the mountains with an awesome pool and only a short drive from the beach.

mathieu's sister, virginie, was there and after lunch his friend gilles came over, and all we did was swim, suck in the sun and drink rose. a delicious bbq ended the first day of the holidays with more days like these to come.

on tuesday we took a train to italy to spend 3 days in manarola in the cinque terre, 5 little villages built in rocks on the italian riviera. they can't be reached by cars and are a unesco world heritage site. it was amazing, almost surreal. and the water, the clearest i've ever seen. mathieu kept taking the same picture of our hotel view, jaw dropping beautiful. i'll take my future boyfriend there to swim with the sardines.

celebrated my 29th birthday with a plate of the most ferocious pasta ever, spaghetti frutti di mare but for real. biiiig claws sticking out, giant shrimp dudes with eyes and very tasty clams.. i was afraid, but it tasted mad delicious. after that i met the village rapist named matteo on who i had to use the excuse 'i have a boyfriend at home, he couldn't come to celebrate my birthday cause he works really hard but we love each other super much' but he didn't care and tried his moves when saying goodbye. i managed to escape.

after that i got drunk on the tiny church square.

so my future boyfriend. i will take him to cinque terre and buy a house with him on the beach of eze sur mer between nice and monaco. we will live long and happily ever after.
during the holidays i was reading skinema by chris nieratko who talked a lot about crazy circus sex. i will include that in my life with my future boyfriend. but i'd be very happy with watching movies, lying on the couch, cuddle with a certain amount of chest hair (his, not mine) and eating ice cream and chips and drinking coca cola.

enough about the future boyfriend, *click click* to see pictures of nice, cannes, monaco, italy and some more.


Friday, August 10, 2007

today i like

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

hell yeah

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finally a good night's sleep with my new
impregnated mosquito net! burn! burn!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

an afternoon snack

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to clarify: i'm eating jumping jack snacks, this way i never have to work out again. they're very rare, but i have a secret stash. no worries.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

donkey is sad..

..and so am i.
early this morning, the boy that makes me smile, flew back to san francisco.

clickclick for a glimpse of his last night in town. and clickclick for a tiny after dinner soundbite unfortunately we couldn't film.. or well, probably for the best we couldn't film.. it got quite hilarious and i'm happy his birthday present matched the evening.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

this one..

..i like as well. funny clip, love the colours and i wish i'd look good in her outfit. feist - 1 2 3 4

i really like this song

feist - my moon my man